Вилка Fox Factory 36 Float 27.5”15mm Air 170 STR Tapered 37mm fork offset (2349210467)

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Changes Everything!

The new FLOAT X2 changes everything. The award-winning design experiences the next innovation boost. Good things remain and are complemented by better things. FLOAT X2 is ready to rock every trail, no matter how rough it is.

Kay Features

  • re-worked chassis & damper
  • 2-position lever (open/firm)
  • high- & low-speed compression adjustment (8/16 clicks)
  • high- & low-speed rebound adjustment (8/16 clicks)
  • high-flow main piston
  • progressive bottom-out bumper
  • low friction air seals
  • updated graphics & compression ratios
  • EVOL air sleeve & Float air spring
  • Improved tunability via addition of VVC (Variable Valve Control)
  • Genuine Kashima coating

More Details of the Fox Float X2 Factory

Factory says it all - feature packed and designed to exceed the demands of Factory level riders. Factory series products feature slippery smooth, ultra-durable Genuine Kashima Coat.

The FLOAT air suspension is lightweight and offers a sensitive response. This means that even the smallest impacts are optimally damped, regardless of rider weight or pressure setting. A linear spring curve gives EVOL dampers a smooth suspension response in the upper range, extra support in the middle travel and a better definable final progression.


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