Лыжи Fischer Pro MTN 80 Rocker + RS11 Powerrail (2017)

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Click in, ride the chairlift up, and get ready to arc turns like you haven't before. With a full woodcore and no metal the ski is better suited for less aggressive skiers, basically you don't want to go warp speed all the time. The Pro MTN 80 is a ski you can get on as an intermediate and won't hold you back as you start skiing harder and faster, if you're so inclined. While the Pro MTN 80 is an all-mountain ski it definitely excels on the front side, loves to charge, loves to carve and if you have felt bored on the front side, skiing groomers this is a ski that'll change your mind -- for advanced intermdiates that is.


Sandwich Sidewall - A full vertical ABS sidewall construction gives the skis incredible torsional strength and edge hold. This construction makes the skis feel super solid and stable on every snow condition imaginable.

Razorshape - Fischer's 3D titanal construction gives you the feeling of a hot knife through butter when slashing corderoy.


Poplar Wood - Easy to control and maneuver. This full wood core gives the skis a lightweight stable feeling ride.

Air Tec - The skis wood core is milled, which reduces weight without sacrificing stability. This milling process reduces the ski's overall weight by 25%.


All Mountain Rocker - Tip rocker with camber underfoot. Easy turn initiation and smooth floatation through any snow condition and over any terrain imaginable.


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