Горные лыжи Fischer XTR THE CURV RT + RS10 PR (2020)

Fischer Код товара: 13303 Заказ в 2-3 дня
747.40 BYN
25 336 RUB
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The Fischer XTR ski The Curv with RS10 connection is an Allround track product designed for the top level skier that we want to enjoy every day on the ski to the maximum.

Made with Sandwich Sidewall construction and wood core, it has good reactivity and maneuverability: stability is guaranteed by rigid side panels, for a precise curve even on the hardest snow.
The sidecut with a medium-short curve radius makes it extremely manoeuvrable and gives it an excellent directionality, for an agile curve even in the most difficult situations, even if there are good variations depending on the snow and the track conditions.
The track rocker makes it easier to enter the curve, for help during skiing and a smooth and morbid curve.

Complete the technical features of the Fischer XTR The Curv with RS10 connection:
Reactivity and explosiveness thanks to the wooden core
Maneuverability on the strait and stability in the variations given by the sidecut with medium-short radius and the rigid side panels
Agility when entering corners and good adaptability to not perfect snow deriving from the track rocker placed on the spatula
Including RS10 connection

Curve radius reference measurement 164 Cm
Reference measurement Sidecut 164 Cm
Curve radius 13 M
Sidecut 121-68-102

Тип лыжи универсальные
Производитель Fischer
Модельный год 2020
Пол / Возраст мужской (унисекс)
Ростовка 150, 157, 164, 171, 178
Крепления в комплекте RS10 PR
Профессионализм любительский

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