Горные лыжи Fischer MY ASPIRE SLR + MY RS9 SLR (2020)

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629.00 BYN
21 322 RUB
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The 2020 Fischer Aspire Women's Skis With RS9 Bindings are the perfect choice for skiers looking to advance their skills on the mountain. These skis offer a lightweight construction to make them more manageable on the hill, increasing your confidence and enjoyment. Combined with the RS9 Bindings, you have just about everything you need to get started on your skiing adventures at a low price. Just add a pair of boots, poles a helmet and goggles and you're set.

  • Fiber Tech: Special glass fiber network with harmonious bending properties. The ski stands out through excellent turning action
  • On Piste Rocker: The shorter contact length of the ski ensures that turn initiation is easier and requires less effort.
  • Air Power: Ski core with less density. The reduced ski weight means easier handling and less energetic skiing.
  • Extruded base material is very hard-wearing, but does not possess as good waxing properties as sintered bases.
  • Dimensions: 117-72-99
  • Weight: 1500g @ 155cm
  • Bindings: My RS9 GW SLR

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